Top 5 things to do in North Dakota

If you find yourself in the midwest sometime this year, you may be falling to the stereotype that this part of the states is boring. On the contrary to popular belief, there are actual tons of attractions for anyone who is visiting this lovely countryside.

1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park

This beautiful national park has often been featured on many movies and tv shows. It’s characteristics have been inspirations for artists across the world. Theodore Roosevelt was once quoted saying this national park is “where his love affair for North Dakota once started.” The park is split into two parts.

Each has over 70,000 miles of naturally painted canyons that mimic those you see in paintings of the wild west. This park will not only place you in the heart of nature’s beauty but also have you feeling like you should be galloping through the destination with a lasso in your hand. This park offers guided tours, camping and hiking. Another huge surprise is that there are wild bison roaming the land.

2. International Peace Garden

Think Golden Gate Park of the wild west. This exquisite site was first name the International Peace Garden in 1929. The original constitution of the International Peace Garden Association is “to foster and give protection and support to the material expression of a world ideal concerned in the interest of International Peace and its benefits to humanity.”

“(This ideal) recognizes that wars between nations have been humanity’s greatest curse; that its glories are a myth; and its continuance an abhorrence to the Creator.”

The International Peace Garden was established as a living symbol and tribute to the historic fact that Canada and the United States of America have been at peace with each other for (now) more than 200 years.

The unveiling of a cairn, built of field stones gathered from nearby fields by students from both countries and situated right on the 49th parallel, to mark the creation of the International Peace Garden, took place on July 14th, 1932. An estimated crowd of 50,000 came to celebrate this momentous occasion.

3. The North Dakota heritage center

This destination will enrich you with everything that you need to know about this countryside estate! The North Dakota Heritage Center displays the history of how this state came into the U.S. and who raised it to be the destination and home that it is today. A plus about this destination is that it’s free entry.

4. Plains Art Museum

This contemporary museum has something to offer every art lover. From historic art done by North Dakotans of the time period from studio art classes this is an all day destination for the creative traveler.

5. Scandinavian Heritage Park

This park is located in the upper Brooklyn area of Minot, North Dakota. The park was built in 1988 to honor the Scandinavian countries. It is a must see if you are a fan of history, geography or just want to culture yourself.

Check out the video below for more info on things to do in ND!